The Only Chess Instruction You'll Ever Need!

iOS & Android Compatibility

Compatibility on all main iOS and Android product interfaces. Play through courses, and increase chess understanding.

All Levels!

Multitude of lessons that are geared towards all levels of players from beginner to expert.

Exercises & Quizzes

Exercises and Quizzes that are integrated into every course. Attributes and results from these quizzes help define the statistical understanding of our application and chart user progress.

Multiple Languages!

Interface interaction in a variety of languages with courses available in a variety of languages as well.

Private Lessons

You can request to have unique private lessons created to your custom specifications that will be pushed only to your account, while still integrated to our statistical component and easy-to-use interface.

Track your Progress!

Helps users to view their results through intuitive graphs and charts.

Instant Access

Access your account from any iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone or follow your progress by accessing your statistical information online at any time through any browser.

Tournament Reporting

You will have access to games from top tournaments around the world, presented and annotated by our highly established authors.

Interact With Your Coach!

Your own coaches can follow your progress to better assist you in your chess development.